Eager Beaver Schoolhouse has been appointed a Partner Operator (POP) by the Early Childhood Development Agency.
All Singaporean Citizen Children can now experience Eager Beaver Schoolhouse’s quality education and loving care at fees of only $720 (before GST) from 2023!
At Eager Beaver Schoolhouse, we seek to provide Child Care services in an environment that allows our dear children to grow up healthy, confident and secure.
We do this through our teachers and staff adopting a Love in Action approach that emphasises on the practice of the values of Integrity, Humility, Encouragement, Lovingkindness, Patience and Unity (I HELP U).
Call us at 63773619(Queenstown) or 68528204(Yishun) !

Our Centres...

To love and care for our children, our centres are designed to be B.I.G. :
  • Better Physical Environment! – We designed our centres to be especially conducive for young children to learn, play and grow. We provide an environment that is inviting, comfortable and secure so that every child looks forward to learning and playing in our centres knowing that they are loved and cared for all the time!
  • Innovative Curriculum! –  Children can look forward to our curriculum that is exciting, fun and creative. The curriculum focuses on experiential learning and life skills training by integrating into our lessons, the surrounding facilities, shops and variety of amenities to make learning relevant in its contextual applications. Classroom learning is brought to life as children go on an adventure in the surrounding neighbourhood! There are Library visits, Water-Play, Real-Life-Role-Play, Structured Outdoor Games and many more exciting learning activities. All this made possible through the availability of myriad opportunities in each neighbourhood!
  • Great Teachers! – Caring teachers make all the difference between a good centre and a great one. We know that only when our teachers truly love and have a heart for the wonderful children will the young ones grow to be all that they can be.
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Each Of Our Centers Offer For Your Child!